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Anna Hicks is a sustainable textile artist, tutor & speaker based in Wellington, New Zealand

Recent Work:


Perfectly Imperfect 3D Quilted Art

Textile Therapy, 3D quilt art

TEXTILE THERAPY is an exhibition Anna held in 2021 of 3D quilted art. It was inspired by the pure joy of playing with fabric.


‘Contoured Waste’ & ‘Mindless Meander’ are two quilt series by Anna Hicks that provide different types of relaxation to help manage stress and anxiety. This is not an exercise in making art as an end in itself, it’s about enjoying the creative process and the health benefits that come with creativity.


There was be an interactive stitching table with thread, fabric & needles provided for everyone to give therapeutic creativity a go. Pop in to enjoy the process of selecting fabrics, playing with shape, colour, pattern, and experience the meditative relaxation of perfectly imperfect slow stitching.

29 June - 4 July 2021

Thistle Hall Community Gallery

293 Cuba St, Wellington

Tues - Fri 11 am -7 pm | Sat - Sun 10 am -5 pm

Free Entry + Interactive Stitching Table

Facebook Event: Textile Therapy - Exhibition

Facebook: @runningwithstitches

Instagram: @runningwithstitches

Textile Therapy 3D quilted art
Textile Therapy, 3D quilted art
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