Anna Hicks is a sustainable fashion & textile artist,
tutor and speaker based in Wellington, New Zealand

Swatches Quilt Jacket

Aug 2016

A quilt was made of discarded commercial swatches, a wool blanket, an old sheet and quilted with recycled polyester (rPET) thread. The quilt was then sliced into and reassembled to form a zero-waste jacket, where none of the quilt is discarded. Zero-Waste jacket pattern by MAKE/USE.

Mending by Design

Sustainable fashion at it's best! Creative and decorative mends to repair and enhance old clothing.​ #mendingbydesign


Mending by Design is available as a variety of short 2 hour classes. Currently taking inquiries for 2020.

Honeycomb Spin II

69 x 105cm

Feb 2016

A contemporary spin on traditional paper pieced hexagons with a focus on colour, value and movement.


Honeycomb Spin is available as a class. Currently taking inquiries for 2018.

© Anna Hicks 2019

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