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Contoured QUILTS

A 3D quilted textile art series. Inspired by discarded commercial waste and combined with zero-waste fashion techniques which create self-supported 3D works of art. 


'Contour Quilt Series'

July 2019

165 x 140 x 10cm

A 3D interpretation of the traditional ‘Double Wedding Ring’ quilt pattern.


Exhibited at National Quilt Symposium 

1st - 6th October 2019

Auckland, New Zealand

Using discarded commercial waste and upcycled materials; quilted strips of swatches were cut, pleated and bound to create these contoured interlocking circles.


Created whilst dreaming of a future with a circular fashion economy. A sustainable world where makers, buyers and researchers are redefining the system to write waste out of existence and we can close the loop.


Materials: Discarded commercial swatches, wool blanket, old sheet and quilted with recycled polyester (rPET) thread.


Techniques: Improv machine pieced swatches, cut into long machine quilted strips, pleated, interwoven and bound.

206 Close the Loop DETAIL.jpg
206 Close the Loop FULL.jpg


'Contour Quilt Series'

Sept 2018

150 x 80 x 15cm


This quilt top was created at a group workday using Sherri-Lynn Wood’s improv round-robin method. Then, inspired by zero-waste fashion techniques, the square quilt top was quilted, sliced with calculated curved lines and re-assembled, without discarding any,

to create these 3D contoured forms that hold their shape.


Inspired by ‘The Improv Book for Modern Quilters’ by Sherri-Lynn Wood and  ‘Zero Waste Fashion Design’ by Timo Rissanen & Holly McQuillan.


Quilted and assembled by: Anna Hicks
Quilt top group: Kate Cooper, Catherine Croucher, Marilyn Daly, Philippa Doyle, Anna Hicks, Anna Prussing.



Finalist - World Quilt Competition 2019


Merit Contemporary Quilt Award - Wellington Quilters Exhibition 'The Art of Fabric' 2018


Judges Choice Award - Aotearoa Quilters 'The Great NZ Quilt Show' 2019


'Contour Quilt Series'

Jan 2017

72 x 65cm

Exhibited at National Quilt Symposium Christchurch,

5 - 10 Oct 2017

Inspired by the challenge of using discarded swatches, this was an experiment in creating soft controlled curves, with a solid 3D form.


This is a zero-waste technique developed in the process of creating the Swatches Quilt Jacket (seen below). Three improv pieced machine quilted rectangles, were sliced with a calculated curved line and re-assembled to create a contoured form. Joined with quilt-as-you-go binding. 


Materials: Discarded commercial swatches, wool blanket, viscose sheet and quilted with recycled polyester (rPET) thread.


'Contour Quilt Series'

Aug 2017

30 x 45cm

FOR SALE - Please inquire.

Part of the Contour Quilt Series these pieces are inspired by Wellington at it's best. Currently in the Artists and Artisans Spring Exhibition at the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts. Wellington Waterfront.


Mounted onto PDF board for easy hanging.


Aug 2017

30 x 45cm


Aug 2017

30 x 45cm


Aug 2016​

Merit Award - upcycling: Wellington Quilters Exhibition 'The Fabric of Life' 2016

A quilt was made of discarded commercial swatches, a wool blanket, an old sheet and quilted with recycled polyester (rPET) thread. The quilt was then sliced into and reassembled to form a zero-waste jacket, where none of the quilt is discarded.


Zero-Waste jacket pattern by MAKE/USE.

Book reference: Zero Waste Fashion Design by Holly McQuillan & Timo Rissanen.

Image of the Swatches Quilt before it was cut and reassembled into a jacket. The quilt top was improv pieced with discarded commercial swatches.

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