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Graduate Collection

Transforming old into new & craft into art.

Metamorphostitch is a mini collection using craft as a reaction to the mass market & challenging stereotypical views of craft as a domestic 'hobby'. Made from a variety of over-dyed reclaimed woollen materials, through traditional and contemporary handcraft techniques.


Today people participate in the act of crafting purely for the love of it, notably as a meditative way to slow down for a moment in this fast-paced society. Metamorphostitch explores upcycled handcrafts in fashion as a reaction to the destructive mass-produced fashion industry of today. A variety of reclaimed wool materials have been diverted from landfill to be transformed by hand into an ornamental and thought-provoking collection. Traditional and contemporary handcraft techniques have been used such as knitting, needle felting, quilting, embroidery, crochet, rug hooking, tapestry, applique and French knitting.


By using predominantly wool, Metamorphostitch promotes the benefits and versatility of the sustainable fibre. The wool evokes an emotional response in people with its soft and inviting texture which often brings up nostalgic memories, creating a different personal involvement with the garments for each viewer.​


These postcards were designed to advertise an exhibition that would feature the garments. Each card is an image of the final garment on the front and a hint of what the original material was on the back.


Metamorphostitch has featured in a variety of fashion shows and exhibitions such as:


October 2014 - UNDRESS RUNWAYS - Fashion & Sustainability Show

   Brisbane, Australia.


August 2014 - ECC NZ Student Craft/Design Awards Exhibition

   The Douse Museum. Lower Hutt, New Zealand



   Lower Hutt, New Zealand.


May 2014 - ERUPT Lake Taupo Arts Festival, Art of Fashion Gala

    Taupo, New Zealand.


November 2013 - EXPOSURE: Massey Wellington's Graduate Exhibition

    Wellington, New Zealand.

November 2013 - LAUNCH: Massey Graduate Fashion Weekend, [Focus]

    Wellington, New Zealand.

Massey Graduate Fashion Weekend 2013

Show: [Focus]

Metamorphostitch by Anna Hicks features at (3:20 minutes - 5:00 mins)

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