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Quilt series and class.

Anna Hicks has been teaching a wide variety of creative subjects for a number of years, including cushion and bag making, dressmaking, quilting, mixed media, crochet, modern mending and hand embroidery.


She is based in Wellington, New Zealand but is happy to travel. Teaching and speaking inquiries welcome, please email:



Quilting Class

For beginners or anyone wanting to learn about colour


Class description

The ever-popular hexagon has had a contemporary spin. Instead of hand piecing, learn an easy method to applique the hexagons which will be glue-basted and held in place with a spiral of machine quilting. This class will show you how to prepare the hexagons, help with colour planning, spiral quilting and finishing your wall hanging with a hidden facing and a hanging sleeve. 


6 hours teaching time (minimum)

1 day class – Best with some prep work beforehand

Or three 2-hour sessions spread out over 3 weeks.



The story behind the HONEYCOMB SPIN quilt series...


The original Honeycomb Spin quilt (seen right) started out as a project to create a birthday present for Anna's mum, Isabel McCulloch. Isabel is an award-winning quilter who has a great love for more traditional quilts, English paper pieced hexagons and French general fabrics. With the birthday deadline looming and a lack of time to hand-piece a lot of hexagons together, Anna developed this new way of using paper piece hexagons in a glue-basted applique technique. This method makes it very easy to play around with the colour, pattern and movement of the quilt. Small changes create big effects, making his an excellent technique to learn about a few of the basic design principles such as colour, line, pattern, value, movement, and so on. 


After creating the first quilt, Anna was addicted! The next quilt, Honeycomb Spin II, was created in Anna's favourite colours, mostly using leftover scraps from a quilt that Isabel (Mum) made her for Anna's 21st birthday. 




Apr 2016

30 x 30cm

Chunky hand quilted Honeycomb Spin


Aug 2015

71 x 110cm

Judges Choice Award - Aotearoa Quilters 'The Great NZ Quilt Show' 2016, Rotorua


Feb 2016

69 x 102cm


A contemporary spin on the traditional hand pieced hexagons, with a focus on colour, value and movement.


WINNER of the Aotearoa Quilters: Quilts on Tour category at Quilt Symposium Christchurch, 2017.


Merit Award - machine quilting: Wellington Quilters Exhibition 'The Fabric of Life' 2016


Mar 2016

90 x 40cm (each panel is 30 x 40cm)

Honeycomb Spin as a panel of 3

Student Work from Previous Classes

Some are finished and some are still in progress

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